More about me in "My Katy History."
-- The Basics --
Name: Tara
E-Mail: site @
Twitter: SmackUTwice (say hi!)
Nick Names: Smack, T
Age: 30
Location: Alberta, Canada
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Height: 5'3"
Hair: Dirty blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Children: Beautiful daughter; Nichole (8)
Current Job: Care Aide for individuals with developmental disabilities <3
-- Favorites --
Color: Currently enjoying purple!
Music: Katy Perry + Shania Twain are MY GURLS!
TV Show: I rarely watch tv! "Reba" or the Food Network!
Candy: Swedish Berries + anything sour...
Food: Asian, chicken wings (always craving), anything spicy, and I enjoy a McDonalds Big Mac once in a while!
Ice Cream: Cookie dough or cookies 'n cream

-- Random --
  • I would LOVE (!!!) to know what Katy thinks of Shania Twain... Ohhh KATY?! :)
  • Traveled to Los Angeles in June 2012 for Katy's movie premiere and met her! Read about the adventure here!
  • Met Katy 2 times in 24hrs during her California Dreams Tour! Some goodies followed! Read about it here. :)
  • Visited a friend in Nashville, TN in June 2011. Met Amy Grant and Matt Thiessen as I ended up attending the same church they did! (Katy did background vocals for Amy and used to date Matt.) :)
  • Traveled to Thailand, did a cruise ship that stopped in Mexico, a road trip to the USA--checked out Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles (including Disneyland), San Francisco, Vancouver...
  • Been skydiving 6 or 7 times. ;) (Katy, you're coming with me next time... HA!) :)
  • Got the left side of my nose pierced when I was 17. Now it's like a 'part of me' and I completely forget I have it... until someone that I've known a while asks, "Have you always had a nose ring?!" =D
  • Have a soft spot for Aaron Carter (early 2000's Justin Bieber)! Had a site on him and wrote for his Official Fan Club! ;)
  • I use coupons... but no, not as extreme as those "extreme couponers"... most days, LOL!
  • I am SCUBA certified. Meaning I can Scuba Dive anywhere in the world. :)
  • I've been to 6 or 7 Shania Twain concerts. One show I was front row. I got a drumstick Shania used and she held my sign up to the cameras for everyone to see. It read "Shania Twain U Took Over My Brain"! =P She handed it back to me and said "Well, I sure hope nothing bad happens!" =)
  • I can stick a cooked noodle from those small package noodles in my mouth and make it come out of my nose. :) (Altho, haven't done this in years and not willing to try... lol!)
      -- Photography --
Just a few... because I CAN! =D

Mexico, 2010
Thailand, 2006
Los Angeles, 2006

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